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First off thank you ALL for the support you've been giving this store. It's legitimately been overwhelming. This is a one-man operation (although with some significant help from my wife when the work becomes all-consuming) and there have been many times over the past few months that I have barely been able to keep up with orders. Overall though I love the challenge and I feel as though the overwhelming majority of you have been satisfied with how quickly your orders arrive (a rare feat in hardcore!).

Anyhow, I am going on tour with First Blood intermittently over the course of the rest of the year on drums (come say what's up). I will unfortunately not be able to ship out any orders until I am home on July 18th. If this is a major issue and you somehow don't see this until after you already made your order, let me know and I can either refund your money and have my wife ship out your package ... but she probably won't hook you up with as many free things as I usually do!

Feel free to continue making your orders though as I will be dedicating the first few days after I get home to mailing these all out to you. After that we are setting up a table at This Is Hardcore where I typically sell almost everything I go there with so grab what you want before it disappears at the sickest hardcore fest in the US.

Once again, thank you all for the support. This has allowed me to quit my job of the past 9 years and should be able to tide me over in between these tours I have lined up for the rest of the year until I line up my next career move. Really looking forward to dedicating even more of my time and concentration on this endeavor when I get home. Hopefully I will be bringing home a lot of great international hardcore music for the store after these runs!

Posted on June 12th, 2017

ATTN: people making large orders ... your shipping amount may be more expensive than it needs to be. The shipping calculator is really lined up for orders of 1-10 items. When you start getting above that the price it charges goes higher than it needs to but unfortunately I have no way to really control that. If it's a significant amount, I will just refund you the difference. If it's just a buck or two I'll send you some free shit. I'll actually probably send you some free shit if you're making a large order or multiple orders over time.

Also, for international shipping: I am willing to take the CDs out of their cases to cut your shipping costs pretty drastically if you are making a large order. When you're ordering like 10-20 CDs the shipping price can sometimes be half the cost if I don't send all of those cases!

Posted on April 22nd, 2017

Hey guys, I had several issues recently with shipping amounts coming out pretty high when buying multiple formats. I can't quite figure out how Limited Run determines which product to use as it's default shipping price before adding in multiple items.

Point being: if you put together an order and the shipping seems high upon check out ... just make the order and I will refund you the difference between what the site charges you and what is actually costs to ship until I figure out exactly how this site determines it's combined shipping.

In general though here are shipping prices. Working on fine tuning some things but this has been working well for 99% of orders.

7"Shipped AloneShipped With Others
United States$4.00$1.00
Everywhere Else$14.00$1.00

CD/DVD/Cassette Shipped AloneShipped With Others
United States$3.00$1.00
Everywhere Else$14.00$2.00

Folded Poster Shipped AloneShipped With Others
United States$2.00$1.00
Everywhere Else$12.00$1.00

HoodieShipped AloneShipped With Others
United States$10.00$6.00
Everywhere Else$25.00$18.00

LP Shipped AloneShipped With Others
United States$5.00$2.00
Everywhere Else$22.00$5.00

Rolled Poster
Shipped AloneShipped With Others
United States$6.00$2.00
Everywhere Else$25.00$2.00

Shipped AloneShipped With Others
United States$6.00$2.00
Everywhere Else$22.00$8.00
Posted on March 4th, 2017