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The literal bible of Japan's Metalcore scene in the 2000s. Every band you need to know is here offering up exclusive tracks for this comp.

1. Seven Cardinal Sins The Ten Commandments
2. Reign Of The Cross The Ten Commandments
3. The Show Down Fortress
4. Burn It All Fortress
5. 178 Legion Extinguish The Fire
6 Absolutely Nobody Freedom Extinguish The Fire
7. The Compassion Shiver
8. Earth Solution Shiver
9. Endeavor Blood Calls We Die
10. Reveal The Truth Blood Calls We Die
11. Memory Keeper Eric
12. Education Of The Arrow Eric
13. Born Ii Die Canopus
14. Exceed Yourself Canopus
15. When It Went... Unboy
16. Hold Kindled Truth Unboy
17. Traditional Evangel God's Heritage
18 New Day Dawns... God's Heritage