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The long-awaited and seriously delayed release of their 2012 full length which is truly a masterpiece of its genre. Starting off in 2006 as a result of the deathcore craze at the time, the band transcended their peers of the era and evolved into the technical, yet melodic, powerhouse which is evidenced on this disc. While some may draw comparisons to the early 2000s pioneers such as Nehemiah, endthisday or Coma Eternal natives to the Pittsburgh area may hear influence drawn from personal friends of the band, Orgone.

The band spends the amount of time necessary to perfect the style of music they perform. Everything from the artwork to the recording to the lyrics are thought-out and presented in a manner which places them above their contemporaries.

Hand-numbered and limited to 80 copies.

Also Available: self-titled, self-released 2009 EP -