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Initially started as a solo project of Derek Kovacs (Ten Of Swords, Built Upon Frustration, No Retreat, Sanctify Her Death), Inconsolable Wretch quickly turned into a full band with the addition of Ethan Raese (Steel Nation, Bitter End) on drums and Joe Goldman (Code Orange, Resistance Wire) on bass.

With a resume that spans multiple generations of Pittsburgh Hardcore, the band released this 5 song EP as their first offering from the fully functioning unit. Self-recorded and initially self-released on a digital platform only, this EP is now being unleashed into the physical realm via Preserving Silence Records.

Settling somewhere between the realms of metal and hardcore (without being able to use metalcore as a term to classify this), these 5 songs reveal shades of all members former and current projects. The most evident are the signature styled riffs that you'll immediately notice if you are familiar with any of frontman Derek Kovacs' former projects. Unlike previous outings, however, he has also stepped up to the vocal mic for the first time in order to keep this project as a modest, yet mighty, three-piece. Underneath the riffing and vocals (which most certainly will strike you first) you will hear the respective signature rock-solid drumming and snarling bass tone of both Ethan Raese and Joe Goldman which is what puts this offering far beyond the initial debut offering from this project.

First pressing limited to only 80 copies.