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VERY RARE Compilation from Through These Eyes out of Iowa featuring some seriously obscure metalcore and screamo from the early 2000s.

1 –Torn In Two Respect Remains
2 –Buried Inside Social Skingraft (Remix)
3 –Sengaija 45rpm
4 –Suburban Terror Project Black Love
5 –Boywunder You Stand Tepid
6 –Not Waving But Drowning United In D
7 –In Loving Memory The Choice Has Always Been Yours
8 –Innocence Broken Trapped In Your Illusion
9 –Octavian Those Lips
10 –Poison The Well A Wish For Wings That Work
11 –Age Of Ruin No Kiss Cuts As Deep
12 –mewithoutYou The Comfort You Give Is Only Torment
13 –Revolver Method The Complexities Of Social Burden
14 –Brother's Keeper I Shot JFK
15 –Carved In Stone Thousand Yard Stare
16 –Old Man Gloom Hot Salvation
17 –American Tragedy Let This Storm Pass
18 –Botch St. Matthew Returns To The Womb